UPDATE 4/23/20: You can watch a video of this ritual we recorded from Facebook livestream on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Aw9wUELVsto

Here is a short service of prayer and libation to the Hellenic Healing Gods that I have been observing since the beginning of the Coronavirus lock-down. I wanted to share this in case some of you are also feeling moved to pray and make offerings to the Theoi in response to the pandemic, and would like something to use as a starting point.

I’ve felt moved primarily to pray to Apollon to banish plague, to Asklepios to be with those working in our hospitals and on the front lines to heal the sick, to Hygeia to grant us health, and to Telesphoros to speed the healing of those in recovery, with recognition to the other Healing Gods and a special prayer to Hestia to bless those of us at home and keep our homes and hearts safe. You may feel moved to pray to other Gods and Goddesses or focus on different aspects of the pandemic, or pray to just one of these Gods or Goddesses, etc.

I’ve alternated selections from ancient hymns and prayers with examples of the kind of prayers I speak in my own words; feel free to substitute your own words for mine, or use mine as a starting point.

My altar to the Healing Gods, Asklepios, Apollon, and Hygeia.

You can also download this as a PDF that includes all references and footnotes here: https://www.azothtemple.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Coronavirus-Prayers-to-the-Healing-Gods.pdf