Arabic Hermeticism

September 2, 2020

While Hermeticism had its origins in Roman-occupied Egypt, its transmission through Arabic and Islamic cultures formed a crucial link for its later European revival and produced many works of unique creativity and power. In this class, we examine the legacy of Hermeticism in Sasanian Iran, its development among the Sabians of Harran, and its complex unfolding in the early centuries of the Islamic world.

Note: This is an online event. Contact for the Zoom link.

Suggested reading. Contact for further information, or:
Excerpt from the Sirr al-khaliqa cited in Eternal Hermes by Antoine Faivre (2000: Phanes, Grand Rapids), pp. 89-94
Version of “The Emerald Tablet” from the Sirr al-khaliqa
City of the Moon God by Tamara M. Green (1992: Brill, Leiden), pp. 162-190
Ghayat al-Hakim. Picatrix, or The Goal of the Wise, tr. Atallah and Holmquest (2008: Oroboros, Seattle), Vol 2 pp. 55-61

Video of the event is now available at:


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