Ares Libation

November 9, 2019

An invitation to gather together for Hellenion's November libation to Ares. "On the second Saturday of each month members of Hellenion pour a libation to one of the Olympians on the same day, from wherever they may be, with whomever may join them, around the world. In this way, whatever else we do to celebrate Hellenic occasions, we are united in doing the same action on the same day. In November, we honor Ares."

We will be meeting at the Lone Fir Cemetery Soldier's Monument to offer hymns and libation to Ares, and to leave flowers in honor of Veterans Day. Afterwards, some of us may head to Rogue Eastside Pub to eat and raise a glass.

What To Bring: If you like, bring flowers or other offerings and a cup to share in the (non-alcoholic) libation. We will have extra on hand.

Directions: Lone Fir is located between SE Stark and Morrison Street and SE 20th and 26th Ave. The Soldier's Monument is near the northwest side of the grounds.

Accessibility: There are wide, paved paths through most of the cemetery and benches to sit on near the monument. If you are car-free the #15 bus will get you there.

Lone Fir Cemetery Soldiers Monument
SE 26th Ave & Stark Street
Portland, OR 97214
United States

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