Esoteric Judaism

May 6, 2020

Our next area of focus will be the esoteric dimensions of Judaism, starting with the books of Enoch, continuing into Merkabah mysticism, and concluding with an introduction to the Kabbalah. Throughout, we will see that the drive to mystical experience forms a stream of continuity in the Jewish tradition from remotest antiquity to today.

Suggested reading:
1 Enoch: 6-36 (the breeding of angels and women), 81 (the tablets of heaven)
2 Enoch: 1-37 (ascent through the 7 heavens), 71 (the exaltation of Melchizedek)
3 Enoch: 1-15 (the exaltation of Enoch)
The short version of the Sepher Yetzirah
“Core Teachings” from, all 9 pages

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