Hekate's Deipnon: a Dark Moon Offering to Hekate

October 27, 2019

Note: this month before the Deipnon there will be a talk on "Magic, Witchcraft and Necromancy in Ancient Greece". You are welcome to arrive at 5:00pm and attend the talk beforehand, or arrive at 6:30pm for just the ritual.

In Hellenic practice, the final day of the lunar month is the Dark Moon, sacred to Hekate and the souls of the dead. Deipnon means supper, and it was traditional to leave a meal offering at the crossroads on this night for Hekate and the dead who roamed with Her.

We will begin with an offering to the souls of the dead, and then proceed with a series of hymns, offerings, chants, and a libation to Hekate. If you have any small offerings for Hekate, please bring them. If not, I will have extra offerings on hand.

Directions: Due to the high level of interest in this event we have moved to a larger venue! We'll be meeting at the Bush Street Wellness Center, 5336 SE Bush Street.

Food and drinks aren't allowed inside the meeting space, so we'll be skipping the usual tea and dessert time, but water bottles with lids are welcome.

Accessibility: The meeting room is on the second floor, up a flight of stairs with a handrail. Shoes must be removed and placed in the cubbies near the room entrance. There are two bathrooms located upstairs.

Bush Street Wellness Center
5336 SE Bush Street
Portland , OR 97206

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