Iliad Study Group

November 14, 2019

The FIRST in a series of monthly meetings to read and discuss the Iliad, one of the best-known and best-loved works of ancient literature. The Iliad is a stirring epic filled with action, drama, romance, and tragedy, and one of the best early sources of Greek mythology.

For this first meeting no advanced reading is required; we'll start with introductions and a brief overview of the Iliad, its major characters (mortal and divine) and some of its overarching themes. We'll also choose our future meeting dates and times and decide how we want to pace ourselves.

Please bring a copy of the Iliad with you. Which version you choose to read is up to you; if our translations differ it may be interesting to compare and contrast them during our discussions. If you're looking for suggestions, the 2016 translation by Caroline Alexander is highly recommended. If you want to be able to refer back to the original Greek, the two-volume Loeb Classical Library Edition includes the original Greek on one page and a translation on the facing page. Inexpensive used copies of the Iliad are commonly available at Powell's and other local bookshops, and of course our local library system is also an option!

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