Poseidon Libation

October 12, 2019

An invitation to gather together for Hellenion's October libation to Poseidon. "On the second Saturday of each month members of Hellenion pour a libation to one of the Olympians on the same day, from wherever they may be, with whomever may join them, around the world. In this way, whatever else we do to celebrate Hellenic occasions, we are united in doing the same action on the same day. In October, we honor Poseidon."

It seems most appropriate to honor the mighty god of the sea near the river, so we'll be meeting at Sellwood Riverfront Park. The event will be low-key; we will read a few hymns and prayers to Poseidon, pour a libation, and perhaps take a walk along the dock if we feel inclined.

What To Bring: Bring a camping chair if you have one, and a snack to share (optional). And of course, feel free to bring any special prayers, offerings, or hymns to Poseidon, if you like.

Directions: Sellwood Riverfront Park is at SE Spokane Street and Oaks Parkway. Let's meet near the restrooms by the Sellwood Riverfront parking lot at 2:00 and decide on a comfortable spot to sit, depending on everyone's abilities. (Note: if the weather is terrible we'll meet at Azoth Temple; check the discussion for any updates.)

Accessibility: There are paved, wheelchair-accessible paths from the parking lot. The bathrooms are also accessible. If you are car-free there are several buses that can get you within a 15-20 minute walk away.

Sellwood Riverfront Park
1221 SE Oaks Park Way
Portland, OR

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