1. Neoplatonism
    • IIllumination, in the sense of our self-recognition as the paradoxical simultaneity of Being, Mind, and Soul, in a way that transcends yet encompasses subject-object dualism.
    • Theurgy, in the sense of cultivating Divine Presence through Imagination.
    • Inquiry and dialog.
  2. Nonduality
    • Illumination doesn’t require purification or increased capacities, but is a part of our innate condition.
    • In a way beyond language, degrees of Illumination are transmitted from one person to another by physical proximity and interaction.
    • Apologies and forgiveness renew the soul. All finite entities are fallible.
  3. Mysteries of the Temple
    • Exile from the Temple: the separateness and limitation that is an inescapable part of being human; hope and heartbreak; life within the world.
    • Imago Templi: that Temple within which we meet the Divine, in Imagination but not unreal, beyond the limitations of time and space.
    • Nova Hierosolyma/Nova Ægypta: beholding the coming Illuminated society (New Jerusalem/New Ægypt) and the ultimate convergence with pure Compassion (Eschaton) as the Divine Feminine (the Bride) who is also the rapture of life.